Thursday, June 21, 2007

CBC TV Interview - Aired on CBC News Compass June 14th, 2007

This follow up interview to a number of interviews we did surrounding Alex's Tip-to-Tip Run and Dennis Debbaudt's Seminars was done for Charlottetown's CBC 6pm News Compass on June 13th and aired June 14th. It runs 2:33.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

PEI Council of the Disabled Special Recognition Award 2007

Photo (left to right) : Mom/Janet, Bernie Wilson, Dad/Roger, Alex

Saturday, June 16, 2007

After the trail run we went to the new residence building at UPEI to the PEI Council of the Disabled's Annual General Meeting.

They give me and my family a Special Recognition Award "For individual achievement in raising awareness of Autism" for my Tip to Tip from North Cape to East Point in 2006 and training law enforcement and first responders.

The PEI CoD helped us set up the Runman Fund to collect donations.

Thank You very much.

Council of the Disabled honour Islanders, businesses
The Guardian

Several Island businesses have been honoured for efforts in making their facilities more accessible to those with disabilities. The P.E.I. Council of the Disabled hands out the access awards annually.
The Clyde River Community Centre, Clyde River, was awarded for barrier-free renovations, including a ramp, widened doors and handrails in washrooms.
St. Mary's Parish Council, Souris, was awarded for efforts made to make barrier-free renovations, including fund-raising and installation of an elevator.
Life Bridge Incorporated, Charlottetown, was awarded for constructing and providing accessible and supportive housing for people with intellectual and mobility disabilities.
St. Pius X Parish, Charlottetown, was awarded for its barrier-free renovations.
ONI Properties, Charlottetown, was awarded for considering and addressing the need for barrier-free apartments in new developments.
Kim Levesque with the Arthritis Society of P.E.I., Charlottetown, was awarded for her efforts in assisting people with visual disabilities by transcribing a lengthy manual into an electronic format.
Several appreciation awards were also handed out. The CBC, Charlottetown; the Journal-Pioneer, Summerside; Stew and Sharon Arkwell, Summerside; Paul Schurman, Summerside; Clary Stubbert, Meadowbank; Wal-Mart Summerside; Kristin Rowe, Halifax; and Danny and Marty Murphy all received awards.
A special recognition award went to Alex Bain and his family for raising awareness of Autism.
The Council of Canadians with Disabilities award was presented to Laurel Smyth of Charlottetown.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Alex's New Blog - Runman

Although his Autistic Celebration Run has long since ended,
Alex continues to Run For Autism.
You can follow him & his running on his new blog Runman

Friday, March 16, 2007

Alex's Movie - Tip-to-Tip PEI

When Alex first told me he wanted to run across PEI, he told me he wanted to make a documentary about it. So, shortly before we took off, I rolled up my jars of saved quarters and loonies ($1. coins) and we bought a little video camera.

We didn't get a lot of footage. It was hard enough biking and keeping my balance, snapping all the photos I did was quite a bonus, but trying to video as we were in motion proved next to impossible. Every morning (except the morning we were in Charlottetown and discovered the camera had been left on and the batteries were dead) we started our day with Alex's commentary. We do have some footage from the trail, far more than made it into this final cut. His first movie was over an hour and a quarter long. Because, at the time, he was putting it together to show during our PEI Marathon presentation I told him he'd have to cut it down to about 30 minutes and he cut out all the actual Run video except, I think, a bit in Summerside, the Police escort into Kensington, and the bit at the end as he reaches the East Point lighthouse.

What he ended up with in this video short is a 21 minute video that tells the story of his run, in daily commentary of where we are and where we're going, his choice of photos from that day, and his choice of music to help tell his story. He has captioned it to accommodate his poor articulation so you'll all understand him.

Again thanks to everyone who helped make the Run possible and helped out along the way. And thanks to our friends who actually put it up on YouTube for us.

As much as we love this beautiful little Island, if you live in a spot like we do, you end up beyond the world of highspeed, somewhere just out of reach of Route 2's towers on one side, Ruranet's towers on the other and despite Aliant's promise that we'd have highspeed years ago (and all the money the Government gave them to make that happen), it never happened. Even if Eastlink cable ran past our lane, running the cable in our (very long) lane would cost a fortune. Satellite, our only "choice", is just too expensive and too restrictive. Consequently, YouTube (among other things) is virtually inaccessible to us. It can take hours (and more than one try) to load a video that's just a couple of minutes long. I look forward to the day I can thoroughly explore the videos on the Posautive YouTube group.

So, with all that said, here is Alex's 21+ minute movie, split into 3 parts to accommodate YouTube's 10 minute limit. Enjoy....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year End Review - Eastern Graphic

Monday, October 16, 2006

PEI Marathon - press coverage

Mention of our presentation...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Prince Edward Island Marathon Speakers Series

Prince Edward Island Marathon

Speakers Series


Janet and her son Alex will be speaking on Alex’s Life with Autism and how he has achieved such an amazing running career.

There will be a donation box located at the Confederation Centre, where 100% of money donated will be given to RUNMAN FUND.

For more information on Alex and RUNMAN FUND, please check out his site