Monday, June 19, 2006

Ice Cream for Autism - iRunman Day at Buzzie's


It started with a cold call from Alex’s former high school Teacher Assistants, to Bob Carmichael, owner of the new Buzzie’s Dairy Bar & Grill on the Trans Canada Highway in Cornwall PEI. It turned into a fabulous day at Buzzie’s Saturday, and a very sizeable cheque! Buzzie’s hosted us and donated 50% of all their ice cream sales to the Autistic Celebration Run! We received individual donations from a number of people there as well. Buzzie's, and their customers, becomes out first "Marathon Donor".

Although Alex’s TA’s know him well, Bob Carmichael had never met either of us. His generosity is quite overwhelming.

And then there’s his ice cream!... Hard ice cream, soft ice cream, flavour burst swirly ice cream, chocolate dipped (yum!)..... shakes, sundaes... Buzzie’s has it. After a wet week, Islanders were good and ready for a hot ice cream kinda day when it arrived Saturday, and they came by, from opening at 11am to closing at 9pm, in a steady stream, non stop! The food from the grill is good too, burgers to scallops, they have it covered (we can vouch for the fish & chips, the burgers and the chicken fingers).

Buzzie’s is right on the Trans Canada Highway in Cornwall (beside the Esso) but surrounded by lots of green space & trees and a half dozen picnic tables to relax at. We parked ourselves at a picnic table for the day and had a great time with room to play, eat, sit in the sun, lie in the shade.... Here are photos of our day.

We saw lots of people we know, lots we don’t, and saw lots of people with smiles (and ice cream) on their faces. Two signs in Cornwall alerted people to the fundraiser and the one with Alex’s name on it attracted his relatives - Roger grew up just down the road in York Point. Alex’s TA from grade 7 & 8 popped in and was greeted with a large, warm hug. We have a photo of the two of them as well as Alex, Bob Carmichael and Alex’s high school TA’s, Mrs. Craig & Mrs. Blackman. Mr. Meggs, Deputy Mayor of Cornwall, former teacher of Alex’s and fellow PEI Road Runner dropped in for a cone. A number of other Road Runners came by to support the cause.

Thank you everyone. Very special thanx to Mr. Bob Carmichael and his very friendly, enthusiastic staff at Buzzie’s. It was a great day and a huge boost to our fundraiser. Your support is so greatly appreciated and will go a very long way to keeping autistic Islanders safe in their communities and better educating and training Island professionals in communicating and interacting with the autistics they meet, especially in emergency situations.

And to Mrs. Craig & Mrs. Blackman, your constant support of Alex, in school, out of school and since school has made a huge difference in Alex’s life. I know you only have to remember the Alex you first met in grade 10 and talk with him now to know that. Autistics who get appropriate supports can be very successful, you & Alex are proof of that. Thank You.

The weather was sunny, windy and 26 degree. I saw Mr. Meggs, Mrs. Blackman and Mrs. Craig, runners, Bluefield students and grandmother. We listen music, ate ice cream, playing games and lot of people. The best part customers and ice cream. The shirts are really bright. I like them the shirts.

Today Mr. Carmichael give me a big check. Thank you.

I did radio interview for CBC.

We've done two press interviews, on with The Charlottetown Guardian and one (today) with CBC Radio 's Island Morning. They will be printed/aired sometime soon. I'll post URLs when they are.


At 12:03 AM, Blogger Autism Diva said...

How exciting!!!

It really was so kind of Buzzies' owner to do that for autistics on PEI.

Nice shirts.

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Sharon McDaid said...

That's great news.
I wish I could have been there! (Pity about that ocean and continent being in the way!)
I love good ice-cream.


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