Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 1 Tip to Tip

Day 1

We left North Cape at 8:50 morning. Tide were in, sun were out. Windmills spinning, houses, people honking and waving. Nausea from Power Bar and arrived Tignish at 10:14. It was cloudy in Tignish, meet newspaper writer about autism. Beginning at 0km mark of Confedation Trail out rain. View of first bridge, train wreck site, pond and yellow bird. I saw cat on trail. Order pizza all meats to provincal park. I took 3 hours rest, took shower and laundry. Drank hot chocolate to keep warm at night. Rain stopped at 3:30

Mother Nature greeted us here yesterday with sunny skies and warmth. As we put up the tent, the sky got dark and opened up....it poured.. then stopped, then, on and off for the rest of the evening, we got an incredible light show, with sound effects, over our ocean front view. Alex was not impressed, not liking thunder at the best of times....but we all survived and somehow managed to be in North Cape only half an hour behind schedule this morning. I left my car in Tignish and Roger drove us and my bike to North Cape to see us off. Quiet spot.... only the Irish Moss harvesters out checking the shore. Quiet road from North Cape, few vehicles, about half had licence plates "from away". We only have rear plates so tourists are that much easier to spot coming at you. We were doing wonderfully well until Alex took a bite of his Power Bar while running, just coming into Tignish. He was fine though and ran into Tignish to the head of the trail where the car was and had a good long rest. We'd been there less than 5 minutes when the guy from the local weekly paper arrived, expecting me. We had a long rambling chat and he took a couple of pictures. We are known by a number of people, a few have said they heard us on CBC. The rain in Tignish chased everyone from the park at the trail's head to the Legion, we left Tignish at 1:00. just as the (soon to be soggy) parade began. We did the last 4K of our day, the first 4 of the trail, in increasingly heavy rain. I left Alex there, adorned in a rain poncho and biked back to Tignish (in the still ever increasing heavy rain), jumped in the car, found my way (directly) back to Alex. From there, heater cranked, back to Tignish for a pizza then back down the coast to Jacquier Park. His statue is just a couple of "sites" away. This morning's weather was just about perfect, this afternoon's made up for it. Still, while I'de hate too see it rain everyday, I can handle whatever nature chooses to throw at me, Alex appears quite up to the challenge as well.

Day 1 Photos here
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