Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 12 Tip to Tip

Alex & Sara

Alex & the girls from the Take A Break Cafe

St. Peter's Bay

Sign In St. Peter's Bay

Day 12

8:00 morning at Morell Station. A cloudy and raining on trail. Crosses 4 bridges, wetlands, coastline of St. Peter's Bay, rivers and meet Sara and his dog along the trail. Ate muffin at Take A Break Cafe for donation from the customers. Spending 2 nights at Joan's in Fortune. Ate supper at Sheltered Harbour. Ran sixth marathon from North Cape.

Kings County is welcoming us. As I loaded up the bike in Morell I was greeted by 2 moms of ASD kids, Delores & Rosie, with warm wishes & donations in hand. It had rained overnight, then stopped, then just started to spit a bit when we set off.

Again wild roses lined much of the trail today. Had it been sunny I'd have taken a zillion more photos along the way. It is the prettiest section of the trail from Morell to St. Peters, much of it following the banks of the St. Peters Bay. Sara & her dog Keeper ran out from St. Peters to meet us, then ran back ahead of us and took pictures of us as we arrived in St. Peters. A nice treat as you'll notice I have very few pictures of me and few of the front of Alex running. Ashley MacCormack, from the Take a Break Cafe in the old train station, greeted us with a big donation that had been collected over the last week or so from their customers. We stopped for a coffee break (for me, muffin and juice for Alex) and headed on, away from the water and into more woods and wetlands, en route to Selkirk.

The wind was on our faces, the rain picked up and even forced us into raincoats, but not for long. As we ended our day in Selkirk, the rain had stopped (it did shower on and off for a bit). Roger and Jasmine arrived to pick us up and join us here just as we got to the road. From there we headed off to find our lodging, Joan's guesthouse. I'd been told it had the essentials, a shower & bathroom, a double be and a futon, a coffee machine & toaster.... I was told it was upstairs above her husband's workshop. I hadn't been told it was right on the river here, in a beautiful private setting. What a beautiful spot to call home the next couple of days! If all this isn't enough she also had a donation from selling cookies at work. These RoadRunner gals are something else.

Jasmine & I paid a visit to Moughan's, vacationing, as they do every year, in the Georgetown area. Their son Alex is a handful of days younger than Alex (it becomes Alex M. & Alex B. at times like this) and their daughter is a year younger than Jasmine. They have plans to see us in Elmira Saturday and maybe join us in checking out the new water park next week.

For supper we were treated at the Sheltered Harbour Cafe in Fortune. What a little treasure this place is. The food was excellent and the presentation of every plate I saw go by was really something. I had a seafood medley wrap that was full of shrimp, scallops, lobster.... no room at all for desert though Roger managed a piece of lemon meringue pie. The Sheltered Harbour is also treating us to breakfast in the morning. It's very close to where we're staying here and appears quite popular with locals and tourists alike.

The forecast is for sun, sun & more sun. The next 2 days will be in the mid 20's, a nice way to finish things off.

Day 12 Photos Here


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