Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 9 Tip to Tip

Day 9

8:00 morning at Hunter River. A sunny day on trail. Ran with my father, Roger for 4km to farms. Flowers, rivers, fields and fire fighter training site along the trail. That route for first and second legs of Blue Cross Relay and 10km race out and back at Milton. Detour between Charlotettown and Mount Srewart at Royalty Junction. Ran 200km from North Cape and third marathon.
We're two-thirds there, 201.06Km since we left North Cape. Today was another hot, sunny day. The first part of the day we covered familiar territory - the trail closest to us. I've been on the stretch between Hunter River and Milton quite a number of times, alone, with Alex or with the dog. Roger joined Alex for a little run today, they both enjoyed that, now he's threatening to go with Alex to his next 5K run and run it (The Potato Blossom Run in Mill River July 29th is a 5K & 10K).

Along with the potato, grain and hay fields, today we saw a beautiful big, blue, field of flax in Darlington. Roger's grandparents lived in Darlington. Lots of horses along the way, by themselves or in bunches, we met a bunny on the trail too, first one since way up west. The butterflies are back, as are the wild flowers. We saw civilization as well on the outskirts of Charlottetown. The trail weaves between back yards of houses and we also saw some interesting sandblasting going on in Milton and the firefighters training in Winsloe.

We met up with the trail from Charlottetown, marked as our endpoint for the day but since it's off the road we went the near kilometre to the Brackley Point Road. Tomorrow we'll cover that bit again as we leave from Charlottetown on the side trail and join up with the main trail again and go on to Tracadie. Mayor Clifford Lee will be seeing us off from the start of that trail, at the tourist bureau on the waterfront. We have a 700 start set and it's a good thing, tomorrow is not only our longest day, 28+K, it's also looking to be the hottest day, temperature to be 29 degrees.

Besides the longest day, the next few days will see our shortest day (Friday), our most scenic day (Thursday), our last day (Saturday) and Wednesday, which is looking like it might be a wet day.

Day 9 Photos Here


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