Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day 4 Tip to Tip

Day 4

8:00 morning at O'leary Station. It the longest day. Ran 27km to Ellerslie. 2km run and 1km walk of sore foot. Birds, swamp, trees, ponds and sites on trail. We arrived in Ellerslie at 110 afternoon. Dad pick up to O'leary and drinks 7-UP and chips to campground. Ran 2nd marathon from North Cape and 1/4 of PEI. Rest moved to Green Park Provincal Park. Josh, he is autistic visited The Bains and take a pictures.

What a lovely way to end a long day.... Green Park Provincial Park, here on the Trout River, is beautiful. Again we've been assigned what looks to be the best site in the Park (#24), beach front (note the many pictures of the sun setting in the photo album).

This morning the rain began, lightly, as I took the tent down. Then it poured.... right up until 7:55am, we only got spit on a bit once today. It was perfect weather, mostly overcast, warm, breezy. Alex did his first 20K running 2, walking 1 then finished the day 1&1.

Aside from the trail maintenance crew, the only person we saw on the trail today was a man eating his lunch at a shelter 1K or so from a road. Saw a lot of butterflies, dragonflies and cattails. Heard bull frogs. We went though a lot of wetlands today, really pretty, there was a bog just before Ellerslie with a walkway out into it. Little pink flowers throughout it, they looked like little orchids.

It was nice to have Roger pick us up in Ellerslie, take us back to the car and then come to the Park with us.

It was also nice to see Missy, someone from the autism community on PEI I know more online than off though we have met a couple of times. She brought Josh to meet Alex and we met Julie and Noah too. I think I first met Missy just before Noah was born.

Tomorrow night we're going to forego the camping and go home when we reach Wellington. It's been really nice, but a little too much at times balancing all I'm trying to. I'm sure Alex will enjoy not having to kill the mosquitoes in his room before he goes to bed. Roger and I will drop a car in Wellington then he'll take us to Ellerslie to start our day.

Day 4 Photos Here


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