Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day 3 Tip to Tip

Day 3

8:00 morning begin at Elmsdale Station. Sunny when we left. 1km run and 1km walk of sore foot. Arrived in Bloomfield Station at 9:40. Rain started to right away. Beaver house, trail crew, farms and lot a potatoes. We arrived in O'Leary at 12:40. Future Tech West and went on computer for hour. Milkshake at Daily Royal, swimming at pool, came back to the tent, nap, pasta, hot dog on fire, stop raining at 3:00. Ran 18.6 today.

Wore my helmet and gloves today.... good thing, I hit the dirt twice. Nothing serious, just barely scraped my knees and left no marks on my face when I planted it. Both times I was biking back to get the car, the 1st time from Bloomfield back to Elmsdale (Alex waited at the shelter there (covered picnic table) and had lunch), the 2nd time from O'Leary back to Bloomfield (again Alex waited at the shelter and had a snack). The rain was not in the forecast, I got soaked on my way back to the car the 2nd time.

We found the Cap site at Future Tech West where I was able to plug Alex's notebook into their highspeed and zap up the photos from the last 3 days (not today's) look at my huge pile of email.... answered one, sent one, and replied to Ivan Gallant on the RoadRunner message board (Randy had alerted me to the message their yesterday. Ivan is the Mayor of Kensington and wanted to escort Alex into Kensington (Ivan is a runner too) with a Police escort and all. The trail runs along the road for a bit there so we'de have to come off the trail and run the road for a bit. Today Alex's plan to deal with his sore foot was to run 1Km then walk 1Km then run, then walk.... That seemed to work for him. He's says it "ok" when I ask, that means it's sore but not too sore. He assures`me he'll make it to East Point. He may end up actually "running" half the Island but he'll cover it all. I don't know how long he'll do the run 1 walk 1, it doesn't change our daily plan any, it just might make timing Friday (in Summerside at 200) and Saturday (in Kensington at some point late morning) a bit more complicated. I think we can accommodate Alex's foot & our commitments with a bit of careful planning.

It's a lot nicer when it's not raining. They're calling for showers again tomorrow... Tomorrow is one of our longer days. It starts bright and early with tearing the tent down, stuffing everything into, the car, and being in O'Leary at 8:00. O'Leary is very close, the shortest drive to our start point yet. I started feeling a little overwhelmed by everything I had to do being that I am my only "support team", as well as active participant, head Boy Scout at the campsite (there's a photo of the lovely fire I have going...), mom and with my need to focus on Alex's sore foot and how he's doing, I called Roger and asked him to join us tomorrow. He should be able to meet us at the end of our day in Ellerslie and take us back to the car in O'Leary and from there to Green Park Provincial Park for the night. If I get to O'Leary before the Cap site closes at 4 you just might see this.

We saw many big fields today, potatoes and grain. Big farms, big elm trees, a big pine, a lot of yellow birds, another chipmunk with a house in the trail. We crossed over a number of clay roads. We encountered quite a few mosquitoes.... The only people we saw on the trail were the trail maintenance people... in the pouring rain, with their lawnmowers wondering, like I was, where the rain we were getting came from.

Thanx to Cheryl and the Aquaplex folks over at the Rodd Mill River Resort (next door to the campground) for giving Alex a pool pass for yesterday & today. A swim, slide, soak in the hot tub there was just what he needed and he thoroughly enjoyed it. See you again for the Potato Blossom Run the end of the month... Two years ago we came here and camped the night before the Potato Blossom Run, anyone surprised I chose thew same spot this time? In the woods.... in the far corner... I appreciate there are fewer mosquitoes and more sunlight out in the field part but I guess I like my privacy too much. Those folks are probably used to looking out there house windows at neighbours so it's no different here. I don't look out my windows at neighbours, just trees and fields, so I'm not about to go looking at neighbours from my tent.

Day 3 Photos Here


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