Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 2 Tip to Tip

Day 2

8:00 morning drizzle at Harper. I meet Randy Allain with his son Dylan about fundraising. Randy ran and Dylan biking to Alma. Sore foot and walk. The CBC guy at detour to Alberton and video interview about tip to tip. Sun came out in Alberton and rain out. We arrived at church of Elmsdale on 1:00 afternoon and car parked from Harper by Randy. Spent two nights at Mill River Provincal Park, the pool with waterslide, hot tub, they give pass to me. Take a nap, ate pasta, chipmunk hole in trail, saw bridge and ran first marathon from North Cape.

We went to sleep last night to the crashing of the waves on the beach... were awoken sometime in the middle of the night by the crashing and flashing of another thunderstorm. I'm liking my tent and the fact it's taken quite a pile of rain in it's very short life and is perfectly dry inside.

My first wish for today was that it not be raining when I had to tear down the tent and pack everything up and be in Harper at 8am. I got my wish. However, just as we got to Harper to park the car and head off it started drizzling. It did that, heavy drizzle by times, until 11am, just as we approached Alberton. Backing up though, my day was made by the first familiar face we've seen, as Alex mentions, Randy and his son Dylan joined us in St. Louis and accompanied us to Alma. Randy is a fellow Road Runner and his son has run a few races too, but today he was on his bike leading the way. Not only did Randy join us, he tipped off the local press (yesterday's interview) and moved my car from start point to finish point for me today. Randy's wife was out too, she took some pictures and helped Randy get to and from my car to move it. Thanx for everything you guys!

As we approached Alberton, there's a short trail that forks off and dead ends at the old train station. We took a photo at the fork then, as we were about to set off on the main trail towards Elmsdale I spot a guy running up the trail from Alberton.... waving his arms..... it's CBC 6:00 news.... we took an hour off and did an interview.

Ok, so back in Harper when I was patting myself on the back for gettingt the tent down before it began raining, stuffing everything in the car and getting to Harper at 8, I managed to totally forget my helmet and gloves. Now I have NEVER biked without my helmet and gloves but I was a few Km down the trail before I got enough rain in my face to wake me up. I decided not to go back for them and for that I got CBC and their camera to catch my mistake. Listen up, helmets are mandatory on PEI including on the trails. Not only that but they protect your brain should you crash (likewise for the gloves and your hands). I won't be making that mistake again...I do hope we get a chance to see the CBC piece. There's no TV in this tent....

Alex has a bit of a sore foot so he walked a bit today (ran all Day 1). He says its "alright" so we'll see. My bike computer tells me we went 25.05 km today (a bit of back and forth for the TV camera but no real extra there). It appears tomorrow may be shorter than expected. It was nice to see the sun come out and stay out and hear we are in for a couple of nice days. I think we're both ready for a nice dry day to take our time and enjoy being out in.
Since yesterday was Sunday and today is a Gov't holiday, I've not been able to use the CAP site to get online at all.

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At 5:45 PM, Blogger Leah C. said...

Alex, I hope the weather improves in the days to come....we were thinking of you in the thunderstorm Sunday night (we were also in Mill River). Best of luck in the days ahead.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Kristina Chew said...

Glad you stayed dry in the storm! We love to hear the waves near by when we're going to sleep---hope the sun stays with you.


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