Friday, July 07, 2006

Day 5 Tip to Tip


8:30 morning at Ellersile Station. A mix of sun and cloud. Ran south to Wellington. We arrived in Richmond at 10:40 and ate 3 pancakes and bacons for breakfast. Ran 100km from North Cape like ultra marathon. We arrived in Wellington at 12:20 afternoon. There are train car, river viewpoint, building and go back home in Oyster Bed Bridge.

There's a road beside the trail where we ended Day 5 and started 6 called "Hutchinson Rd". Significant because my best friend, through high school and beyond, is Sally Hutchinson. Who was there to greet us?..... Sally the Salamander. Roger first spotted it, thought it was a toy, just tiny - shorter than my finger (Roger's fingers are in the photos with it). I expect I'll be corrected as to what this little lizard was, salamander to me. (note: thanx Ralph, it was indeed a Red-Spotted Newt) (Sorry Sally!)

Another rather perfect (for us) overcast, warm, breezy day. Still, except for the trail crew we met no one. There were not near as many flowers along the trail, possibly mowed down by the trail crew. Still, Ma Nature does a wonderful job of landscaping the ditches and sides of the trail. Lots of ferns, a couple of types, some far bigger than the surrounding wild rose bushes. We're still in potato country (I suppose I'll be saying that in East Point too...) and saw many fields of them. Saw a horse tethered in a yard & a herd of cattle. Ran alongside Canada Rd for a while in Northam.

We stopped for brunch, trailside in Richmond at Nacho Mama's Cafe. The food was good, Paula, our waitress was friendly and I enjoyed the photography displayed on the walls there.

Arriving in Wellington was a treat - the river runs under a bridge on the trail right there, seemingly hidden from view in town except for there on the trail. The water is deep, dark & clear. Through the trees from there you can see a red caboose, restored as a craft shop. That's about as close to a train as you're going to see on PEI.

My car was waiting for me there, we had left it there in the morning then Roger took us back to Ellerslie. We came home! Nice to be back to familiar surroundings if not quite familiar routine (the routine of laundry & dishes couldn't be escaped though). A "sameness" fix is just what we needed.

Day 5 Photos Here


At 6:29 PM, Blogger Autism Diva said...

Great photos. Autism Diva hopes you had a nice break from camping. Hi to Alex and the rest of the family.


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