Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day 13 Tip to Tip

Mayor Joseph A. O'Keefe & Alex

Day 13

8:00 morning at Selkirk. Ran 250km mark of trail, wetlands, woodlot and detour to Souris. Meet Ryan Doucette a middle distance runner from Souris High take picture. Billboard signs along on street of Souris and ate pizza at Greco. Meet Major of Souris at Bluefin while at supper to check at city hall. 16km to reach East Point Lighthouse, 8km to Elmira Train Stationhope to earning over $6000 and 7 marathons from North Cape.

The day broke clear & sunny. What a beautiful little place to wake up to. We were treated to breakfast at the Sheltered Harbour. I was still full from the meal there the night before. Thank you Ed & Mary Steele. By the time we hit the trail the clouds had rolled in and it was a bit cool. Soon enough the sun was breaking through the clouds and the day was warming up.

It was a day of many short, steep (relative to the trail) hills (more up than down it seemed). We came across the very first missing trail marker, at the 243K mark, only the post is there. Every other Km is marked (though not very accurately on the very end by Tignish). Most of our travel was in the woods today, some very nice woods at that, especially around Harmony where the demonstration woodlot is. Alex runs a race here in the fall. Sara greeted us in Harmony Junction alongt with Ryan Doucette.

We decided to go on to Baltic and finish up our day before going for lunch. Lunch was provided by Greco Pizza in Souris. Thanx folks it was great. On the way to Greco, we noticed the sign at Robin's Donuts said "Run Alex". A drive through town (Souris is a small place) revealed more signs with his name on them. The other side of the Robin's sign said "Go Alex Bain!". Outside the Legion the sign says "Way to go Alex Bain", at the Mall on the big sign it says "Go Runman Alex Bain for Autism". Too cool..

This afternoon I got to the CAP site in Souris and managed to upload the blog entry for the last 2 days and some photos (sorry they're not linked yet).

We had supper at the Blue Fin in Souris where they had a donation waiting for us from the management and staff. We know the Blue Fin from post race gatherings after the Souris Relay, the Turkey Trot etc. It's the first time we ate upstairs in the restaurant. Tonight I saved room for pie... Soon after we arrived we were informed the Mayor would be in to see us. He arrived with a donation from the town of Souris ands we went around the corner to Town Hall for photos.

We then headed to a place I've wanted to go to since hearing about it shortly after moving to PEI in 1979. The Singing Sands at Basin Head. They had just put out a severe thunderstorm warning so Alex was anxious to get back so we didn't stay long. Kids were jumping off the bridge there - that's what Basin Head is famous for...

It started to rain - big drops - then it stopped and we had a beautiful evening, the radio said it was raining in Charlottetown and had poured in Mount Stewart, but it's missing us so far.

We're about 16Km from our East Point finish line. Word is we'll have some company tomorrow and, when we get to Elmira we're getting a Fire Truck escort to East Point. There's a party in the works back at Elmira that I'll tell you all about tomorrow....

Day 13 Photos Here


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